Sell with us!




  • You can call 514-419-0994 or email us at to make an appointment 
  • Make sure items are in new condition, dry-cleaned and or freshly laundered
  • We take seasonal items and take in pieces all year-round 
  • Our buyer will look through each piece to determine if the items fall within the range of brands and styles that are popular (please consult our list of preferred brands below)

  • Luxury items such as designer purses must come with the original receipt of purchase and or valid certificate of authenticity, if not available, we are happy to authenticate the items for you.
  • Refusal of items: if we decide not to take your items or pass on certain pieces, PLEASE DO NOT GET OFFENDED – we aim to provide merchandise that people are looking for and that we know will sell easily in our store.
  • You will be asked to provide your contact information as well as a valid government issued I.D


  • Access the Goldfringe Client Portal anytime to check out your itemized sales list as well as commission balance. 
  • Pricing is based on the overall condition of the item, popularity of the brand name, current fashion trends as well as the competitive market place. We offer a 40-70% commission for consignment and 30% for Buy-Out. Please note that we require a minimum value starting at $500 to open a consignment account. Buy-Outs are at our discretion and are usually reserved for Wish List items that clients have specifically requested for us to be on the look-out for. 

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